David Warne | The LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine System

This is a systemised process for turning the business social networking site, LinkedIn, into a lead generation machine. The LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine is an end to end solution for researching your target prospects, connecting and messaging with them.

The ultimate aim is to develop a consistent, scalable lead method of delivering qualified sales leads to your sales team. This strategy is ideal for filling up live business events, webinars and generating leads for sales teams to turn into appointments.

System Architect: Cornerstone Business Solutions
Website: www.cornerstonebusinesssolutions.com.au
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System Details

Step #1: Optimise your Linkedin profile

This includes the 4 most important parts of a profile:

  • Profile Picture

    • Your picture needs to instantly capture the eye at a glance and create “instant authority”. The goal is to have them read the headline on your profile.

  • Headline

    • A great headline: helps to further convey authority; differentiates you from the rest of your competition and includes a URL to your website.

  • Current position

    • Having your company website link as your current position will help you drive traffic to your website and landing pages.

  • Profile Summary

    • Treat your profile summary like a sales letter – have it pre-sell prospects on the problem you solve.

    • Profile summary FORMULA:

      • You know how [companies] are looking for... [big problem]? I solve this. I do this by [unique benefit statement] because of [unique attribute about you].
      • Example:  You know how [most speakers and coaches struggle to write a book and get it to become a #1 bestseller]? I solve this. I do this by [utilising a piece of software I have, with super cheap outsourcers to make it almost inevitable that you end up a bestseller on Amazon].

  • Suggestion: Avoid these buzzwords!
    • Responsible, Strategic, Creative, Effective, Patient, Expert, Organisational, Drive, Innovative, Analytical.
  • Suggestion: Use emotional words to make it even more powerful.
    • Frustration, Fear, Helpless, Fun, Proud, Satisfied

Step #2: Run targeted searches through sales navigator to identity your target audience.

  • Identify the people you would like to connect with based on the following:

    • Industry

    • Company Size

    • Geography

    • Title

    • Relationship (2nd Connections)

  • Narrow down your prospects by using advanced search filters such as Seniority Level and Function.

Step #3: Create a spreadsheet to monitor responses and actions.

  • See example template attached – “monitor-spreadsheet.xlsx”

Step #4: Send invitations to connect with your identified connections.

  • Send customised versions of “Email Template 1” to qualified prospects.
  • Don’t send more than 50 invitations daily.

Step #5: Wait 2 days and send follow-up messages to successful connections.

  • Once connected follow up with “Email Template 2”.
  • Book any appointments based on those positive replies.

Step #6: Follow up those who haven’t replied 

  • Wait 2 day and follow up using “Email Template 3” those who haven’t responded to “Email Template 2”.
  • Book any appointments based on those positive replies.

Step #7: Follow up one last time to those who haven’t replied 

  • Wait 3 day and follow up using “Email Template 4” those who haven’t responded to “Email Template 3”.
  • Book any appointments based on those positive replies.

Step #8: Export and segment LinkedIn Connections List.

  • Exact all data including emails addresses from Linkedin.

Step #9: Import and send a series of emails using your mailing system.

  • Send emails to your long term nurture list every week (these are your connections who have not responded to any of your messages or your connections who responded that they are not yet ready to take your offer).
  • Use a email systems like MailChimp, AWeber or marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

Step #10: Run a Facebook Ads Campaign targeting your LinkedIn email database.