Brad Sugars | 5 Steps to better management and leadership

This document outlines 5 main strategies to improve your management and leadership. Each step helps you run a more successful business, by creating and managing a productive and passionate team.

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Step 1: Create detailed and specific job descriptions for each of your top 10 employees.

  • Make sure your people know what their job is, what they are expected to do, and the timeframe it should be done in.

  • For the majority of employment positions, use a checklist and systemization. 

Step 2: Create a culture of to do lists, accountability and regular meetings with a specific purpose.

  • Every day, team members create a daily list of their tasks for the next day. The manager checks these lists and makes sure tasks are prioritised.

  • Every Friday, have each team member create a list of what needs to be done in the following week.

  • On Monday morning have a weekly “work-in-progress” meeting with your people. 

    • Suggestion: Go through each weekly list and communicate, setting time frames by which jobs should be done. 

  • On Thursday have a one-on-one meeting with each team member.

    • Go over their weekly list, their key performance indicator and where they are with what they are doing.

Step 3: Identify key performance indicators and measure the activities and performance of your employees

Step 4: Build tailored training programs for each employee

  • Profile your team, to understand their behavioural analysis and offer them a training to improve their performance. 

Step 5: The Five Pillars of Leadership

  • Communicate with your team is happening (what, where, how). Set and communicate the goals.

  • Communicate the vision and the mission of the company.

  • Communicate company’s culture.

  • When recruiting, find the right people and hire the best of the best.

  • Every day, communicate recognition to someone in your organisation.


Supporting Notes

Definition of leadership and management:

  • Management is about creating competent, productive people who know how they are doing their job.
  • Leadership is about creating passionate, focused people. Give them a goal, a vision, a destination.
  • To get the results in a business that we want, we need to have good management and good leadership.  Management is where we start. If we see negative behaviours in an organisation, normally it’s due to a lack of management.
  • Remember that great people build your company for you. The quality and calibre of your people comes come to the quality and caliber of your management and your leadership.