JV Crum III | How to script sales calls that close

This document outlines a 11 step process to script consultative sales call that close. Identify your ideal clients, script your process and increase success sales calls from 10-20% (the standard) to 50-80%.

System Architect: JV Crum III
Website: www.consciousmillionaire.com
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System Details

Step 1: Identify and understand your target audience / niche.

  • Start wide and then narrow your focus – at least 3-4 levels deep. For example, if your niche is coaches and consultants, the next deeper level would be business coaches and consultants and a deeper level beyond that would be 6-figure business coaches and consultants, etc.

Step 2: Identify the top 3 problems your niche market faces.

  • These problems should be problems your niche market is actively looking to solve and problems you’re confident you or your products/services can solve.

Step 3: Define your “Big WOW”.

  • Outline the big result that you know how to deliver. Ensure it solves one or more of the top 3 problems you identified in the previous step.

Step 4: Use your “Big WOW” to name your consultative call.

  • Don’t call your sales consultative call a “strategy session”. Take a piece of your “Big WOW” and use it to name your consultative call. 
  • Use the subtitle to make a big promise that you are comfortable with, yet confident you can achieve.

Step 5: Put yourself in state, be real, and fully present.

  • The quickest way to build rapport is to be present.

Step 6: Start the call and outline the agenda.

  • Explain that there are 3 parts to the call.
    • Part 1 – Have them explain their current position.
    • Part 2 – Explain where they would like to be in one year.
    • Part 3 – Explore the gap between the two.
  • Reiterate your goal is to deliver on your promised “Big WOW”.

Step 7: Have them explain their current position.

  • Use the 80/20 rule during the call, where you listen 80% of the time and speak 20% of the time.

  • Your job is to ask probing questions, not to be talking all the way through the call.

  • Find points of interest and ask them to “tell me more...”

Step 8: Have them explain where they would like to be at a future date.

  • Depending on your product/service, use a timeframe like 30, 60, 90 days or 1 years.

Step 9: Explore the gap between where they are and where they would like to be.

  • You’re looking to find their pain, what’s missing and how do they feel about where they are today vs. where they want to be.
  • Ask them to elaborate on “how they feel” about the gap.

Step 10: Closing the call.

  • Ask if your client wants to discuss their options on how you can help them achieve the outcome they identified / where they want to be.
  • Give them a promise or a guarantee. This promise that gives them a big result and a huge return on their investment, it also removes their risk and puts the responsibility on you to deliver.

Step 11: Make the sale.

  • Wherever possible, make the sale on the call.
    • Add bonuses or discounts to encourage them to buy today.
  • For those who don’t buy during the call, have a specific follow up appointment set up for the next day.
    • Suggestion! Send them a Google invite that they can accept so it adds the appointment to their calendar.
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss any objections.
    • “I find when people don’t move forward often times it’s because I failed to give then enough information or I failed to answer all their questions. So let’s just talk about it because I want you to make the right decision for you.”


Supporting Notes

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