Brian Keen | The Franchise Success Path

This system gives you an overview of the operations (the Franchise Success Path Program) within Brian Keen’s business.

System Architect: Brian Keen
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System Details


Step 1: New Member signed on

  • The process to sign on a new Member is completed.

Step 2: Kickstart Training Workshop

  • The Member attends the next available Kickstart Training Workshop.

Step 3: Franchise Status Review

  • The Member is taken through the Franchise Status Review process.
  • This results in a one-page-plan on what they will cover and when.

Step 4: Introductory mentoring session

An Introductory Mentoring Session is held with Brian.

  • To organise introduction to relevant Team Members.
  • Advice on the process used as they go through each step with relevant Team Members and Brian’s mentoring sessions.

Step 5: Introduction sessions with Specialist Team Members

Introduction sessions with relevant Specialist Team Members will take place as relevant to package purchased:

  • Organisation Structure
  • Overview for starting Operations Manuals
  • The brand - initial review
  • Corporate structure and budgets - initial review
  • Territories - introduction
  • Legal - introduction

Step 6: Member completes work

Member completes work for each step

  • Using Guides and Team Member input as relevant to package purchased.
  • By working through each step in the order given below.
  • With all Programs, except the ToolKit Program, Brian will mentor the Member through the process with advice and assistance and review the work undertaken by the Specialist Team Member


Supporting Notes

Further detail:

Step One – Develop the big picture for your franchised business



Specialist input

Organisation structure

Mentoring to get organisation structure in place

Procedures Specialist

Establish process for Operations Manual

Mentoring to get initial process in place to start collecting material for Ops Manual

Procedures Specialist

Brand review

Initial review of brand for relevance of franchised business

Brand Specialist


Plan marketing for franchise group using Guides



Step Two – Define the franchise business elements



Specialist input

Budgets and fee structures

Member prepares budgets


Accountant comments


Discussion with territory specialist as required

Territory Specialist

Communication and support

Complete work following Guide



Step Three – Design your franchise system



Specialist input

Operations Manuals

Complete work following Guide

Manuals writer

Legal documents

Complete questionnaire with Brian’s input

Send to legal crew

Work through with Brian’s input




Initial review to see how training will be needed and plan for it

Training Specialist

Pilot and Franchisor business setup




Step Four – Deploy your franchise group



Specialist input

Recruitment workshop

Held with Brian

Introduction to relevant brokers etc.