Eden Sunshine | Accountability And Compliance Policy

The purpose of the Accountability and Compliance Policy is to create a working environment where people take personal responsibility, accountability and consistently follow through with their agreements and commitments.

System Architect: Eden Sunshine
Website: www.edensunshine.com
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Guidelines for Accountability Policy:

  • Designated managers must utilise the Delegation System when giving assignments. The assignment is not considered delegated until an agreement has been reached.  All delegation requires a time or due date to be specified along with the task. Unless already specified in writing, all delegations must be written down as they are assigned.
  • The employee takes on full accountability for performing the work and achieving the results as agreed. In other words, if the employee says they are going to do it, they are expected to keep their commitment to performing the task as specified in the time frame agreed.
  • The manager accepts full accountability for providing the employee with the resources and guidance needed in order to accomplish the task.
  • All standing delegations will be found in the company systems, checklists, and company calendars. All other project or task related delegations must be written down or recorded in the company project/task management system.
  • Team Leaders, Managers and fellow team members will assume that the work will be performed as agreed upon unless otherwise notified. In some cases, a reporting loop may be established between a manager and team member. The purpose of the reporting loop is not for micro management of a team member’s activity but simply to serve as a check-in point for additional direction and communication in a project or assignment. Reporting loops will be established at the time a project or assignment is given or written into ongoing systems and procedures.
  • If a team member is unable to complete a task or honour an agreement, they must notify their manager – or the person they made the commitment to – in advance. Failure to notify or gain an exception will result in a violation of standards and policies or may include additional disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  • Directives should only come from the team member’s primary manager or team leader unless delegation is implied through a system or procedure, or if delegation has been approved by the team member’s primary manager.
  • The consequences of violation of this policy where there are [enter the annual number, 4 is typical] instances per year may include additional disciplinary action up to and including termination. Managers will use the Acknowledgement and Adherence Report to monitor all employee violations of the policy. Use the attached form to indicate instances of accountability violations which should be placed in all employee files.

Accountability is applicable to systems listed on Positional Performance Agreement, applicable policies and procedures, adherence to our company core values, specific and unique work assignments, and commitments made to our clients, fellow team members and vendors etc.

In summary, this Accountability Policy is all about one very simple thing...

Keep your promises and do what you say or are responsible for doing… every time!