Henry Reith | Add Content To WordPress

This is the system outlines how to add content to the WordPress editor – including images and other media. This task is idea for a virtual assistant.

System Architect: Henry Reith
Website: www.henryreith.co
Generated as part of the www.BusinessSystemsSummit.com

System Details

Step 1 – Adding & Formatting Text In WordPress

1. Open the word document that has the article in it.

2. Copy the title at the top of the Word document and add it to title box in WordPress.

3. Copy all of the main article (including any download links to images) from the word document to the WordPress content editor.

4. Check that all the text formatting from the word document has been copied over into WordPress. Update any formatting in WordPress to match the Word document as needed. The type of formats you should check have been copied over are:

  1. Heading Formatting (Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4 & Heading 5)
  2. Bold Text
  3. Italic Text
  4. Underlining Text
  5. Text Colour (not the red links to high-quality images & media)
  6. Quote Formatting
  7. Links
  8. Number or Bullet Point Lists
  9. Remove any double line spacing if needed.


5. Save the post as a draft, and click the preview button (top right). Check how the post looks on the front end. If there are any odd looking areas ensure you reformat them in the WordPress content editor.

Step 2 – Adding High-Quality Images

1. Next, we need to insert all the media into the post. The word document comes with links to high-quality images to used on the blog. In the WordPress editor, start at the top of the blog post and scan down the blog post for anywhere that it says ‘[Inset Image – LINK]’ and download the highest quality image possible from the link given.

After you have downloaded each image, follow this process to compress the file size & optimise the image file to upload in the place where the link was – click here to see that system.

Tip: Press control + F to search the web page for text, and then search ‘[Inset Image -‘ to find the next image in the article.

Step 3 – Embedding Video In Posts

1. After inserting all the images into the article, the next step is to insert any YouTube & video links that appear in the Word document into the article in the WordPress content editor.

If you are inserting YouTube videos follow this process: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-easily-embed-videos-in-wordpress-blog-posts/ (use the new process in this post). Use the Embed method, adding the YouTube link to its own individual line in WordPress.