Henry Reith | NextScripts – Social Media Status Posting

This process is a sub-process of a larger system that allows for mass content syndication. This process itself deals with populating the NextScripts Wordpress plugin. It is designed to auto post on social media accounts over a pre-defined period of time.

System Architect: Henry Reith
Website: henryreith.co/
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System Details

What You Will Need:

  • The Social Media Status Spreadsheet
  • The ‘Nextscripts’ section of the post editing page open.

How the spreadsheet works:

The two important columns in the spreadsheet that relate to posting a custom social media status are:

Posting Schedule Nickname – This is the name of the posting schedule the custom social media status needs to go into, in Nextscripts.


Custom Status – This column has all of the custom social media statuses that will be used for each posting schedule in the spreadsheet.


For each row shown in the spreadsheet, first find the posting schedule in the Nextscripts section of the post, then add the custom social media status as shown in the spreadsheet.

Here is an example:

For the row with the schedule nickname ‘FM – FB Page – 14 – 180 Day Reshare’ we want to enter the custom social media status in the ‘Message Format’ box inside the matching posting schedule in Nextscripts.



NOTE: You do not need to change any other settings apart from adding a new message format for each custom social media status.

If a schedule nickname is not shown inside the spreadsheet within a custom social media status, you do not need to change anything about it inside WordPress.

Step-by-step Process:

1. Open the spreadsheet with all of the social media information for the relevant article.

2. Make sure you have the post open in WordPress & have the ‘Nextscripts’ section (at the bottom of the page) in view.

3. Copy each custom social media status into the posting schedules ‘Message Format’ boxes in Nextscripts. You do not need to change any other settings.

4. After copying all of the statuses into the relevant social media boxes, scan through everything to make sure it looks good.

5. At this point, you MUST save the post as a ‘draft’ as this saves the social media status in NextScripts properly.

6. You have now completed adding custom social media statuses. You can return to the process of publishing the article.


Adding custom social media status